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Difference between Common Mistaken terms such as Guarantee & Warranty, HIV & AIDS, Effect & Affect..

GUARANTEE: Promise made by the seller that the product is of the Best Quality.

WARRANTY: The guarantee of repair or replacement of a product.

HIV: A virus that can weaken the Immune System.

AIDS: The syndrome that can cause Fatal Harm.

WEATHER: Can change Anytime and Varies a lot.

CLIMATE: A particular weather pattern of a Region.

ISLE: An Island.

AISLE: Passage between a row of seats.

AMIABLE: Used to Describe the type of person who is Friendly.

AMICABLE: Refers to a Relationship which is Friendly.

CUE: A signal for an Action.

QUEUE: A line or sequence of people or vehicles.

CYCLONE: High-Speed inward Spiral winds.

HURRICANE: Only cyclones over 74mph are Hurricanes.

EFFECT: Bringing About a Result.

AFFECT: To make a Difference.

DUAL: Having Two Parts.

DUEL: A fight for competition between two people.

ADVISE: Offer suggestions.

ADVICE: Guidance offered with regard to prudent action.



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