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Crop Circles: Overnight Shocking Activity that Proves the Survival of Alien

Crop Circles: Overnight Shocking Activity that Proves the Survival of Alien

With the light blow in the summer winds and ripening and harvesting of the crops, most of the farmers supplement their income by using their cornfields for corn mazes. However, for a short period during the 1980s and 1990s, the fields of corn became less known for seasonal entertainment, however, became famous for the crop circles.

Crop Circles Mystery!

Crop circles are large strange geometric patterns appearing mysteriously overnight made up of flattened crops mostly found in the farmer's fields in southern England. Scholars undertaking the study of the crop circles are of the view that these are messages sent to the farmers by extraterrestrial life.

In contrast, others claim these as human activities. These strange patterns highly provoke puzzle, delight and astonishment among the press public and researchers. The circles are highly found in the United Kingdom but have spread to dozens of countries around the world in past decades. The mystery has inspired countless books, blogs, fan groups, researchers, and even Hollywood films. Most of the people have reported the activities of crop circles to occur from centuries, a claim that is repeated in books and websites have been devoted to mysteries. The primary piece of evidence is a woodcut from 1678 that appeared in showing a field of oat stalks laid out in a circle. Some of the scholars and intellectuals granted this to be the first eye-witness account of a crop circle, however, some historical investigation shows otherwise. The "woodcut" represented and illustrated folklore describing a "mowing devil" legend. The legend describes the story of an English farmer who tells a worker with whom he was feuding that the farmer would be paying the Devil on his own by cutting his oat field, thereby paying the fee demanded.

The source of harvesting is not known and is deemed to be mysterious; the woodcut depicts Satan himself, who complete with its signature horns and a tail is holding a scythe.

Flying Saucer's connection with Crop circles:

Some people claim that the first crop circle appeared near a small town of Tully, Australia. A farmer, in 1966 reported noticing a flying saucer rise from a swampy area and flew away. When he further wanted to investigate a new roughly circular area of debris and flattened reeds and grass, which he believed to be built by alien spacecraft.

This was later on confirmed through the police investigation and was likely said to be caused by natural phenomena: waterspout or by a dust devil.

Complex Geometry of Crop Circles:

From the beginning of 1970s, simple crop circles began to appear in several fields in southern England including Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire. These circles were made at night. By the 1980s and 1990s, they became more complex, which grew into large geometric patterns covering hundreds of feet, even some illustrated complex mathematical calculations.

One of the world's most spectacular and sophisticated crop circles appeared in England across a highway in the countryside of Wiltshire from the mysterious and world-famous Stonehenge monument.

Famed as Julia Set, an astonishing fractal pattern, while some rough and straightforward circles are explained as the outcome of strange weather patterns, however, the Julia Set is explained as demonstrated intelligence. Scholars questioned about the occurrence and were confused about whether the outcome was due to terrestrial or extraterrestrial intelligence. Scholars and eminent researchers studying the patterns of crop circle claimed that the circle with weird and mysterious designs was constructed during the day and with the shortest span of an hour.

Creation of circles:

However, if it's true, a hoaxer can't accomplish such a critical task, and the circle was one of the most famous ones in its history. However, later analysis revealed that the circle took three hours and was built by three hoaxers early that morning, which farmers and other local people failed to notice it and noticed that afternoon from a flying airplane. The general features of the crop circles, with a few exceptions, virtually all crop circles have found to share some common characteristics. As the name implies, the crop circles are always circular shaped and rarely include triangles, rectangles, or squares, however, some contain straight and curved lines.

Scholars state that coincidentally, a circle is the easiest pattern to be created by hoaxers. These are formed overnight and are often sighted by farmers and passersby the very next morning. Although there are no logical reasons behind the presence of extraterrestrials or earth energies to create patterns at night, however, it's a great advantage for hoaxers in creating such mysterious designs under the coat of darkness, the full moon nights are especially popular. No one has yet been able to capture the pictures of the circle being made. However, the making of circles has been claimed highly suspicious trait, and if the mysterious earth forces or the aliens are working there is no reason that they would not be happening if the cameras are capturing images or recording.

They appear in the fields that are easily accessible by the public, which are located close to roads and highways and rarely appear in remote, inaccessible areas. Due to this, the patterns are usually noticed within a day or two of their creation bypassing people on cars and motorbikes.

Other Theories:

Scholars and researchers formulate several theories explaining the formation of the crop circles, which includes both human and inhuman activities such as aliens, mysterious vortices, time travelers and wind patterns. However, the theories lack the most important aspect, good evidence and the only known formations is by mortal humans. Unlike the mysteries of Bigfoot, psychic powers and ghosts, the crop circles are real, and their existence is clear and overwhelming. The main doubt lies in the ways of its creation, which can be investigated by taking into account both internal and external evidence.

The internal evidence includes the content and meaning of the designs that indicate content and the messages hidden in it. The external evidence includes the physical construction of the circles that are known to form on their own. Enthusiasts came up with several ideas and theories about the creation of their patterns, ranging from plausible to absurd causes. An explanation of the 1980s states that the formation of the circle is the outcome of vigorous sexual activities of horny hedgehogs.

However, some enthusiasts do not accept the explanation and state to be created by the localized and precise patterns of wind or by scientifically detectable Earth energy fields combined with meridians, ley lines. Molecular biologist, Horace Drew is of the view that the production of the crop circles is caused by aliens or humans travelling through time from the distant future that help them in navigating the EarthEarth.

He worked on the assumptions and claimed that the designs deliver certain messages: "believe", "there is good out there", "beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises" and "We oppose deception". However, these oddities and pseudo biblical messages undermine the credibility of the circles, or at least the messages delivered to the EarthEarth and its mortal beings. It is expected that one day some mysterious yet unknown sources will become known for the formations of crop circles until then, they are the best collected public art.

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