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1 TABoo

  1.7 Million People Killed Last Year  

  357 Million STD Affected People per Year  

Let's Talk movement

Join the Movement of Sex Education & Save millions from the misconception

leading to Sexual Abuse, STD, Sexual Harassment & even Rape.

What Is BDSM?

What is the first thing that comes in your mind hearing BDSM? Rihanna singing about whips and chains or Fifty Shades' Christian Grey saying "Laters, baby," right? It is no denying fact that hat the series has put the kink in the spotlight. But what is BDSM, really?
BDSM stands for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism—the core pillars of kinky fun. BDSM can be broken into three subcategories: Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, and Sadism/Masochism.

How Many People Practice BDSM?

It turns out that only 20 % people practice BDSM worldwide but it turns out that Americans are actually far more into BDSM than the rest of the world seems to be. 36 percent of adults in the United States use masks, blindfolds and bondage tools during sex.
There are few people who come up and openly accept the liking toward BDSM thinking it to for mentally unstable people but in contrary it is proved in a substantial research literature that BDSM players are no more likely than the general population to suffer psychiatric problems, and they have no psychological disorders unique to their kinky proclivities.

Is BDSM Still Considered a Medical Disorder?

Previous studies had suggested that BDSM activities were linked to mental disorders and vulnerability to abuse, according to the researchers, who published their results in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.
But a recent study have proved found people who like BDSM, which stands for bondage-discipline, dominance-submission and sadism-masochism, were well adjusted and reported slightly better wellbeing than people who don’t take part in those activities. It also reflects that people are more open and experimental when comes to sex that is totally a normal behavior for people to exhibit.

The Psychology of BDSM: Why Are People Drawn to It?

A simple answer is that Bondage, Discipline /Domination, Sadism and Masochism turns them on.
BDSM is all about power dynamics. It might give the impression that is about taking pleasure in the pain, and off course that’s part of the game, but, for most people, the underlying force that drives them to these activities is the desire to dominate or submit, to be in control or to have someone else in control of yourself.

What are the Common themes for BDSM role play?

Doctor and patient. Teacher and student. Role-playing is a common aspect of BDSM “play.” It may involve two or more people who “act out” a particular scene or fantasy. BDSM role play can happen in person or virtually.
Some popular character scenarios include:
• Doctor or nurse and patient
• Teacher and student
• Boss and employee
• Master and slave
• Client and stripper
• Handyman and housewife
• Photographer and model
• Homeowner and maid
• Police officer and criminal
• Adult and child
• Human and animal
Additionally, many BDSM followers perform gender play (where one or more participants takes on the role of the opposite gender) or “rape” fantasy play (where one participant pretends to be nonviolently coerced into an unwelcome sex act).

Why You May Not feel to have sex?

When you're not enjoying sex, you might be wondering why, but the truth is that our sex drives are impacted by so many things. Both your physical and mental health can be the cause of a low libido. Stress, certain medications, and a feeling of shame could all be reasons you may not be enjoying sex. Some common reasons include:
• You're engaging in sexual activities before you're adequately aroused : Taking extra time for foreplay can help.
• You're not mentally or emotionally ready to have sex: Your body and mind should both feel ready.
• You're dealing with anxiety about your body or appearance: Focusing on negative thoughts about your body and self could make sex less pleasurable.
• You're uncomfortable about past sexual experiences: If you don't feel safe, it can be tough for your body to relax.
• You're not comfortable around your partner: Sex could make you feel vulnerable.
• You feel shame or stigma about your sexual needs or wants: Having a conversation with your partner about what you want and what you'd like to try might help.
• You've been given false or sex-negative messages about sex or sexuality: Not everything you were taught in sex education is necessarily accurate.
• You're on a medication that impacts your libido or physical sensations during sex: Antidepressants commonly cause a decrease in sexual desire.
• You're dealing with a medical condition that makes sex painful: You're dealing with a medical condition that makes sex painful
• You may be trying positions that make you feel uncomfortable or pained: If certain positions cause you pain, your body could be trying to tell you something.
• You're not prioritizing sleep, eating well, or exercising regularly: If you're feeling constantly hungry or moody, your body might be trying to tell you that you need more sleep.
• You're not sure what feels good for you and your body: Figuring out what you like and don't like can make sex more enjoyable.
• You're skimping on water intake: Being dehydrated can also cause you to feel dizzy or pass out.
• You've recently given birth: Postpartum is a different experience for everyone.
• You're afraid of pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections: Having your partner get tested could help ease some of your worries about STIs.
• You're stressed about other things: If you're stressed about work, you may find it hard to focus on enjoying sex.
• You're just not interested in sex, either at the moment or in the long-run: If you find yourself never really feeling sexual attraction or desire, you may identify as asexual.

What are the Sexual Fantasies for Men?

A sexual fantasy or erotic fantasy is a mental image or pattern of thought that stirs a person's sexuality and can create or enhance sexual arousal. There can be different fantasy people to people but here are the most common sexual fantasies for men:
• Having His Partner Pursue Him and Take Charge
• Oral Sex, Especially if His Partner Doesn’t Typically Go ‘Down’
• Having a Threesome
• Anal Sex
• Watching women pleasure other women
• Submission: Being Tied Up, Teased, and Spanked
• Exhibitionism: Having Sex in a Public Place
• Domination: Blending Pleasure With Pain
• Role Playing: Dressing Up and Acting Out
• Sex with Experienced Women
• Sex with Virgin Women

What it means to see your boss having Sex with you in your Dream?

Sex dreams about your boss have to do with your own leadership qualities, not a desire to fondle your boss's Reese's Pieces. They typically mean either that you see leadership abilities developing in yourself, or that you'd like to cultivate them further. Maybe you're in the middle of getting psyched to start taking your career more seriously, or are beginning to push yourself to go after your professional goals.

What it means to see your friend having Sex with you in your Dream?

Dreaming to have Sex with a friend can be sometime a horror but there is nothing to worry about. Dreaming about having sex with a friend can actually be a reflection of the level of closeness that you feel with that friend. It can also mean that this person has a trait you'd like to make a part of yourself.

What it means to see your crush having Sex with you in your Dream?

Thinking about having sex with crush can give you butterflies in your stomach. But do you know all the sex dream have some inner meaning to it. Seeing your Crush having Sex with you in your Dream can mean that your crush has a personal quality that you wish you had. It can mean quality that you'd secretly like to possess yourself.

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