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"Trust Me: 55 Ways to Build Trust and Credibility"- Must Read

1. It takes many years to become an overnight success. 2. Good intentions are just the beginning. 3. Your reputation is their first impression. 4. Show people that you care about their needs. 5. A promise should be as binding as a contract. 6. Never sacrifice a long-term relationship for a short-term gain. 7. Don’t expect people to look up to you if you look down on them. 8. Give credit where credit is due. 9. The danger of shooting from the hip is hitting yourself in the foot. 10. Be knowledgeable and remain current in your field. 11. Follow through on every commitment that you make. 12. Take the time to provide the rationale behind your recommendations. 13. Stay focused. Trying to be all things to all people is a guaranteed recipe for mediocrity. 14. Be objective. 15. Opinions held in secret never make a difference. 16. Never cut corners. 17. Stand up for the things that you believe in. (Waffles are for breakfast.) 18. Be a thought leader. 19. At the end of the day, you’re judged by the value that you provide. 20. Be straight with people. Tell it like it is. 21. Don’t be afraid to present bad news. It’s worse to sweep it under the rug. (People appreciate honesty.) 22. Remain calm, cool, and collected during difficult times. 23. Present both sides of an issue. (Let them judge for themselves.) 24. Be a good listener. 25. Disclose potential conflicts of interest. 26. Even a tiny exaggeration can destroy your credibility. 27. Once you make a decision, don’t look back. 28. Always tell the truth or the truth will tell on you. 29. Surround yourself with people who have a high degree of integrity. 30. Your actions “off-stage“ (i.e., at an office party or on Facebook) impact your trust and credibility. 31. Typos and grammatical errors loom larger than life. 32. Remain transparent. (You’ll never be faulted for communicating too much.) 33. Never ask someone to do something that you’re not willing to do yourself. 34. Reliable and consistent behaviour on your part allows people to anticipate what you’ll do in the future. 35. Do what’s right, even if nobody is looking. 36. You are judged by the company that you keep. 37. Your actions must match your words. 38. Being an expert in one area doesn’t make you an expert in everything. 39. Admit when you’re wrong. 40. Don’t submit unfinished work as complete. 41. Never confuse quantity with quality. 42. Think before you open your mouth. 43. People who “hard sell” don’t always have the facts on their side. 44. You gain more by making others look good than by singing your own praises. 45. Trying to be excellent in everything leads to mediocrity. 46. “Everybody does it” is a poor excuse for doing it yourself. 47. Words spoken in confidence are words spoken in trust. 48. Learn how to disagree without being disagreeable. 49. Repeating a rumour is as vicious as starting one. 50. People will test you in small ways before trusting you outright. 51. The only thing worse than talking about others is talking about yourself. 52. Great talent means nothing if you’re not dependable. 53. Few people will fault you for being tough if you’re fair. 54. It’s not only what you bring to the table but how you serve it. 55. REMEMBER, trust and credibility take years to develop but can be lost in seconds.

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