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Panchatantra Story 2: The Jackal and the Drum | Moral Story: Only the brave succeed in life

Once upon a time, in a jungle lived a Jackal Jaggu. He was kind and friendly to everyone.

One day, he was very hungry. He wandered everywhere for food but couldn't get anything to eat. His search took him out of the jungle near a deserted battlefield.

On this battlefield, a battle was fought recently. The armies left behind a drum which he got near an old tree.

He picked up the drum and resumed his search. The tree branches rubbed against the drum as the wind blew, producing a strange sound.

Jaggu got scared of hearing a strange sound and thought of running away, thinking if he didn't run, the person making the sound might come and kill him.

As he was about to run, he thought it was unwise to run away without knowing the source of the noise.

He showed courage to move further cautiously. Then, suddenly another strong wind blew, and the branches again rubbed against the drum, and the sound was produced. But this time, he realized the sound was coming from the drum.

He laughed at himself and continued the search, soon, he discovered sufficient food and water on the other side of the old tree. His bravery brought him success.

Moral: Only the brave succeed in life.


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