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Know-How Finding a coin on Road Can Be a Luck Changing for You. Know the Belief Around the World!!

Know-How Finding a coin on Road Can Be a Luck Changing for You. Know the Belief Around the World!!

Imagine finding a bag full of money just lying on the side of a road waiting for you to pick it up and buy that amazing dress, video game or anything you want, how mind-blowingly lucky would you feel, you will feel like you are on the 7th cloud, right?

Well, finding a gracious amount of money is astonishing, I know, but did you know that finding even a penny is lucky enough because it is considered as good luck around some parts of the globe and can bring you good fortune.

Cultural and Spiritual Beliefs

In ancient times, people used to believe that the metals they are using were gifts from the gods. This incorporated the pennies, which were made up of copper. The ancient people thought that these metals were for their protection from the evil, given to them by the gods.

This belief may be originated in China. As the Chinese people believe that finding coins or money, in general, is a sign of good fortune. Many people, due to this reason, consider finding coins good luck and keep them as a lucky-charm, which will bring them success in several situations.

When people began using coins as currency, the people who had the most amount of coins were considered wealthy. Therefore, gathering coins was supposed to provide good fortune because more money means more comfort. It is believed that this might be one of the reasons why finding a penny was associated with good luck.

There are always different types of concepts related to superstition, followed by different people. People have their own theories about specific beliefs. Hence different ideas like some people say that the placement of the coin can have an effect on it being a good luck penny or a bad luck penny, emerge.

They believe that coins with heads up will bring good luck while heads down or tails up will bring bad luck. And because of that, people often say that when you find a penny heads down, you should not take it with you instead flip it and put it back so that someone else can see it.

People also believe that passing the penny to another person on the same day you find it will help to bring good luck to your life.

A coin has two sides, one is the head, and the other is tail, a coin symbolizes the existence of good and evil, the head is considered the right side, and the tail is regarded as a bad side. Much like the universe where there are two forces, positive and negative or repelling and attracting.

Therefore, the association of a penny with good and bad fortune might be because of the fact that people believe it is good and evil and as the coin has two sides, then it must mean that one has to be bad, and the other has to be good.

On the other hand, some people say that any penny in any condition you find will bring you good fortune. A lucky penny in the shoe, ever heard of this line probably during weddings, when the bride needs “Something old, new, borrowed and blue and a lucky penny in the shoe” to wear to bring good luck on her wedding and her married life.

When you find something as much as a coin perhaps, it makes you feel happy and cheers you up. You feel lucky that you found something that hundreds of people passing by didn’t even see.

It can be seen as support from the spirits asking you to trust yourself and that everything is going to be fine. It is a sign that tells you that the spirits are always there to protect you.

The number on the coin has a specific say in this belief, like if the number on the coin is 2, then it is a sign about your relationship with others, communication, and partnerships in general. The number 5 on a coin you found may be a sign of changes you could experience soon, which includes health, happiness, and wealth.

The number 10 on a coin you found has a significant meaning, it indicates the end of something and a new beginning of something else. It signifies the guidance of the spirits of the realms by telling you that something needs to end for something else to come into your life.

Present Scenario

All of the facts, assumptions, and superstitions aside, there is a poem or rhyme written in English, which specifically mentions the finding a penny belief which is:

All-day Long, you’ll have good luck.”

And also, a song

“See a penny, pick it up,

Then, all day you’ll have good luck.

Pass the penny to a friend,

And your luck will never end.”

This shows that how much superstition is essential to the world that people are so involved in, that they teach this to their children, and make a song about it.

In a few years, the penny will lose its value as a currency, but it will become rare and might worth more. Then, finding a penny, whether you believe in this superstition or not, may cheer you up and bring you happiness and good fortune.

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