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Is Bhangarh Fort Haunted? Here Lies A Deep-down Secret of Princess Ratnavati Under The Ruins

Curious researchers round the world have spent their time in finding the secrets of the fort, but their thirst for curiosity filled up with the dearth of tales by the locals. The actual secret of the mysterious Bhangarh Fort came out with the mythical story of princess Ratnavati.


Ratnavati is said to be a very beautiful princess of her time. According to legends, her beauty and physical attractiveness were spellbound which attracted many suitors around the country with the wish to marry her. Amongst these suitors, there was a sorcerer named Singhia who was well aware that he was not the match for the princess and hence decided to entice her with the magical powers possessed by him.

Princess Ratnavati

He found himself to be lucky when he saw the mistress of Ratnavati in the market, who came to purchase oil for the princess. In the meanwhile, Singhia enchanted the oil with his power of black magic. Ratnavati was very clever as well and after taking the oil from her mistress understood that the oil was spilt. She immediately dropped the oil on the ground, which turned itself into a piece of the rock, started rolling towards the magician and ultimately crushed him.

Before dying, the magician Singhia cursed the city of Bhangarh to death. This caused the city to fail in witnessing further rebirths. Later, there was a battle between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh in which Princess Ratnavati was killed. This added more weight to his curse.

Till today the effect of curse can be felt and scream and crying of women, the sound of breaking bangles and strange music from the fort can be heard. There have been instances where a special perfume was emanating from the Bhangarh Fort along with ghostly shadows and inexplicable lights.


People who dared to go and visit the place stated that an invisible entity followed them and even slapped them. Any people who went into the fort after sunset never came back. The doors are therefore always locked after dusk and entry into the Bhangarh Fort at night is absolutely forbidden by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

This did not affect the belief of Some who still thinks that the curse from the city will come to an end one day. If you're curious enough to explore India's or even in Asia's Most haunted places then Bhangarh is your destination.

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