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History Of Nachos: An Accident Recipe Invention of Tortilla Chips that Shaped the Mexican Delicacy

History Of Nachos: An Accident Recipe Invention of Tortilla Chips that Shaped the Mexican Delicacy

A Widely loved food around the Globe is a simple tortilla chips topped with cheese, meat and other staples of the Mexican pantry, which we all know with the name of Nachos. Making Nachos is a true reflection of the creativity of the person cooking it and their versatility is the key to their success.

Originally, a Mexican dish, it has mesmerized people with its magical taste in other parts of the world also. Let us Know how these edibles came into existence.

Origin of Nachos:

Nacho is a Tex-Mex dish from Northern Mexico and is prepared by using heated tortilla chips with melted cheese or a cheese-based sauce. The version of the dish which is served as a main course contains some added ingredients. Now, let’s have a look at the invention of nachos.

The most common story regarding its origin is that, in 1943, the wives of some US soldiers stationed at Fort Duncan of Eagle Pass who was out for a shopping trip in Coahuila region of Piedras Negras in Northern Mexico reached the ‘Victory Club’ restaurant when it was already closed for the day.

The manager of the hotel did not want to let them go without having any food. So, with the little ingredients leftover in the kitchen, he made a new snack for them. He sliced and fried some fried tortilla chips and covered with shredded cheddar cheese and sliced jalapeño peppers and put the concoction in the oven for a couple of minutes.

He then served the inventive snack to the ladies, naming it after his nickname. The manager whose name was Ignacio Anaya named the new snack created by him after his nickname as “nacho’s especiales”. With time, the apostrophe vanished and Nacho’s “specials” became “special nachos”.

Modern restaurant in Piedras Negras still uses the original recipe of nachos where Anaya had worked later on. There was also a restaurant which Anaya had opened in Piedras Negras with the name “Nacho’s Restaurant”. The original recipe could be found in the book named ‘St. Anne’s Cookbook’ (1954).

October 21 was declared as ‘the International Day of the Nacho’ in the honor of Anaya. In 1975 Anaya died but the family legacy was kept alive by his son, Ignacio Anaya Jr. of Eagle Pass. His son Ignacio Anaya Junior served as a judge at the annual nacho competition.

Popularity over Countries:

From Mexico, the dish started traveling through Texas and the Southwest. The credit of making nachos in San Antonio, Texas went to waitress Carmen Rocha according to El Cholo Spanish Café history, after which it was also introduced in Los Angeles at the café in 1959.

A variant of nachos which is now famous as “ballpark nachos” (with cheese sauce and prepared tortilla chips) was introduced during the basketball match of Texas Rangers at Arlington Stadium in Arlington, Texas by Frank Liberto, owner of Ricos Products.

It gained popularity as a dish that can be served in the stadium during the Monday Night Football game between the Baltimore Colts and Dallas Cowboys when the sportscaster Howard Cosell mentioned the nachos in his broadcasts.

Variations of Nachos:

Over time, many variations have evolved out of the traditional recipe. Nowadays, a quartered or fried tostada topped with a layer of refried beans and/or various meats and a layer of shredded cheese or nacho cheese, topped with habanero hot sauce is also very common.

Other variations of nachos which contain non-traditional ingredients include barbecue nachos (in which cheese is replaced with barbecue sauce) and poutine nachos (in which cheddar cheese is replaced with cheese curds and gravy).

Pulled pork nachos, also called barbecue nachos, are very popular in the south-east. In this variation, along with their cheese and jalapenos, nachos are also topped with pulled smoked pork shoulder served with or without barbecue sauce or hot sauce.

Another variation of nachos is "dessert nachos" which vary widely, from cinnamon and sugar on pita chips to "s' more nachos" with marshmallow and chocolate on graham crackers, and typically served as a dessert consisting of scattered toppings on some form of the crispy base.

Nachos which have an abundance of toppings and are called "loaded nachos", "super nachos", or "epic nachos", often served as an appetizer at bars or restaurants in the United States and elsewhere.

Be it a get together with relatives or a party with friends, nachos add color to it as it is liked by most of the people and also easy to prepare. So take some tortilla chips and melted cheese invited friends and make your day!

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