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Dumas Beach: Haunted Beach, If You Dare To Spend The Night, Then You Will Never Come Back Home!

Dumas Beach: Haunted Beach, If You Dare To Spend The Night, Then You Will Never Come Back Home!

Everyone likes listening to stories having a hint of drama, a touch of thrill, and the presence of hundreds or thousands of ghosts in them. One such terror is related to the Dumas beach in Gujarat, India that most tourists are unaware of. Though the beach looks like God’s home during the day, it becomes a devil’s paradise after the sunsets.

The Black Sand Beach:

Being one of the premium tourist attractions in Surat, India, hordes of travellers and tourists visit the beach every day. However, as soon as it starts to get dark, people start to leave the place for good. Besides, there were several people who dared and decided to spend the night at the beach either never came back or shared the worst experiences of their lives.

The Dumas beach, located along the Arabian Sea is one of the most haunted places in Gujarat. The beach is renowned for two things, its black sand and hauntedness.

As one takes a stroll along the beach they are able to hear people talking amongst themselves but in fact, there is no one around them. In an article, the writer has mentioned about the disappearances of the people from the beach.

Most people state that earlier the beach ground was used as a burial ground by the Hindus for several years. According to the folklore, the existence of black sand on the beach is due to the amount of ash created by burning the dead, thereby mixing with the white sand giving a darker shade.

Although it is the third most haunted place in India, most of the natives of the state as well as the citizens are unaware of its hauntedness.

Haunting Stories:

Many claims that during the night, an eerie vibe covers the beach. The living near the beach claims to have seen spirits walking down the beach during the night. Even today, there have been several reports regarding the paranormal activities on the beach.

Visitors stated that they have heard strange sounds and voices along with sudden loud laughter. Besides, visitors have also experienced the sightings of white apparitions, moving orbs, and inexplicable activities. The locals claimed that many tourists even went missing while they were strolling near the beach at midnight.

Another incident reports that people have seen dogs in the beach area to behave strangely after dark. These furry animals depict discomfort with their vocal warnings like howling and barking. People, mostly locals, state that the dogs in the Dumas beach have the capacity of sensing the invisible presences and starts to bark, thereby alerting the visitors to stop walking further.

Some people even reported having seen an image of a person standing at the balcony of the Haveli though the Haveli was closed several years ago.

ORBS Experiment:

Once a blogger along with some of his mates decided to visit the beach at around 6 pm and asked around the people to know the truth about the stories. Dumas beach actually consists of four beaches but out of these four, only two are used as a hangout or tourist spots. They asked around about the beach being haunted and nearly everyone denied it.

They first visited the two beaches used as a tourist spot or hangout spot by the locals. They asked the shopkeepers there and some of the locals but all of them denied the beach being haunted. They later visited a third beach which had a graveyard where the Hindus used to bury the dead.

There was only a single shop on the beach. They thought about asking the shopkeeper about the beach being haunted but the shopkeeper denied about it being haunted. They also had a DSLR with them and they thought about clicking some photos and waited till around 11 pm at night.

When they tried to click the photos around midnight the flash of their camera stopped working. They decided to leave the beach and return the next day.

The next day they again went to the third beach and this time they bought a digital camera as well. They went to the fourth beach which is around 300 meters from the third beach which is not known by many people so there was no one there.

They started roaming around and clicking photos and finally decided to return. They did not find anything extraordinary from the photos and thought that the stories posted online are all not true.

The blogger later uploaded the photos taken through the digital camera and DSLR into his laptop and tried studying them again and again but was not successful to find anything. So he decided to do some research online and found about the ORBS.

The orbs can be seen in the photos if there is a spiritual presence in that area. There are various types of’ orbs. The ghost hunters use digital cameras for finding out about the ghosts or spiritual presence in any area.

Orbs are unexpected circular artefacts seen while doing flash photography. If there is the dust we can see round orbs, angular when there is moisture or rain, and moving orbs (looks like a meteorite) due to the presence of spirits.

The blogger again studied the photos and was shocked to find moving orbs in the photos he clicked on the fourth beach. But the orbs theory is not 100% reliable so we cannot be sure about the spiritual presence.


Even though the beach is said to be shrouded in paranormal activity, that hasn’t stopped the tourists from visiting. However, visiting the beach after dark is at the risk of the visitors. Yet, the locals advise visitors not to chase the whispers and laughter at night. People following these eerie sounds might transmute into a whisper.

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