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Why Does Screams Grab Our Attention? Know the Psychological Reason Behind It

Why Does Screams Grab Our Attention? Know the Psychological Reason Behind It

You may have at least once or twice, or you may have been a regular viewer of news debates or speeches. You see one thing in common.

The thing is that there are a lot of screams which may grab your attention and grip you to the seats. Even when you were not interested in the topic, the speaker or the panelists kept you hitched to your chair. I also was one such person.

I used to get a lot of interest in people who scream their stance loud in the debate or the speech. In this blog, I am going to tell how screams grab your attention, and this can be helpful for prospective speakers and debaters.

Why the screams grab our attention?

There are multiple reasons why the speakers or debaters grab our attention. These reasons can be both scientific and psychological.

The roughness of the scream is the main reason for grabbing attention. The scientific reason is that the roughness affects the hippocampus, insulin, and several other glands. These trigger activity in the brain, which grabs our attention.

According to Arnel "These sounds solicit the amygdala, hippocampus, and insula, in particular, all areas related to salience, aversion, and pain.This helps in grabbing our attention and grips our seats. The screams also help in reducing stress and acts as a big stress relief. This has also led to the increase in the number of screams by college students. This has led to the invention of Primal Therapy in the late 1960s.

The scream so incites the people's emotions. This helps in grabbing attention. The main reason for this is that screams can increase the levels of emotional intelligence in our bodies. This, in turn, can pronounce our attention in the speech or the debate.

The screams also increase our brain activity which instills our thinking and also increases the regulatory skills of our body. This allows for an increase in attention. This allows for an increase in our use of the brain to search for the terms used in the speech.

Thus, these are the reasons why screams grab our attention in several speeches and debates.

Ways in which Screams grab Attention:

There are a lot of ways in which we can use screams to grab our attention. These ways can be both political and also involve practices related to speech or debate.

You can grab attention by increasing your scream in a debate or speech. Voice modulation will help you boost the volume of your speech. The best way is to speak with stress points which can stress certain parts of your speech.

You can also grab attention by increasing your voice modulation. The best method is to modulate your screams according to the words that you use. For this, you need to emphasize some parts of the speech. The best example is to stress prepositions and conjunctions.

Using stress words is another way to grab attention. The best way, as said earlier to stress on particular words which repeat in a speech. This can help in increasing the attention span of the listeners.

Having a lot of confidence can increase the attention of the listeners. The best way is to practice before you speak and also have a good sleep the day before, which can increase your confidence. This can increase your scream, which can ultimately grab the attention of the listeners.

Thus, these are the ways to use screams to grab the attention of listeners.


We have learnt about how screams can increase your attention and ways in which you can use to scream to grab attention. We also talked about several ways in which screams are important for grabbing attention. Thus, please stay safe and scream in the right way, which can help you to be a dutiful and responsible citizen.

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