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8 Surprising Traits Men Find Totally Irresistible in Women | What Attracts Men to Women? Read This!

8 Surprising Traits Men Find Totally Irresistible in Women | What Attracts Men to Women? Read This!

Not every single man is fascinated by your big boobs and bumps, no not everyone. Girl, you are much more than a mere combination of the above-mentioned parts. Men find a lot many things attractive within you. Of course, physical appearance is one of them, but not the highlighted one.


Men like confident women. They always want their partners to be confident about herself. So be confident in your own skin. If your voice is cracky, don't get upset over it, rather admit proudly "This is a part of my uniqueness".

Don't try to hide your physical flaws through heavy make-up. The real man will fall for you in spite of your flaws. Be confident in what you know but be always open to more knowledge. Don't be overconfident, remember.


Yes, guys love friendly girls. Someone who talks lovingly and is more or less friendly to people around is much appreciated. Okay, that doesn't mean you will have to make friends with every single person you meet. Just talk affectionately with people you are acquainted with within your college or workplace.

Problem-solving ability

Guys really admire the creative way a woman who approaches a certain problem. This doesn't refer always to presentation or embroidery, rather a creative and new outlook towards life. Men love Females who can solve the problems in a different manner or just can suggest something that is quite extraordinary.


This is one such quality everyone expects their partners to possess. So, nothing wrong, if males aspire for caring and affectionate women. Care for the man you love. Listen to his problems, give him appropriate solutions, and always lend a helping hand towards him. Be with him in his moments of sadness. Try to be with him as much as you want him to be with you.

Ambitious and Independent

Men like women who are ambitious and career-oriented. Someone who is working hard to achieve a goal and not just anyone who is willing to live life with the aid of her husband. Economically independent women are more likely to attract males. They love females who pay off their own bills and don't nag them for shopping.

Cautious about fitness

Yes, women who go to the gym regularly or at least take care of their physical fitness appear more attractive. Males find them appeasing, tempting, and of course sexy.

Can engage in intellectual conversation

Random gossip and tidbits are not much welcomed by men. Males love it when they can talk on important news and current affairs with their female counterparts. They love intelligent responses from women.

Passionate with things she loves

Being passionate is sexy. The woman can be passionate about her career, aim, ideals or any of the other things. Her eyes sparkle with passion out of dedication whenever she talks about such issues - and that's quite appealing for males.

And, sexual passion is always welcomed

You don't need to be a "Snow White" to attract males. The ones who are attracted by just physical beauty are not to be welcomed in your lives at any cost. Wait for the right kind of men, who will overlook the physical appearance and will look through your soul and mind, the one who suits your intelligence and mentality.

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